Exclusive club policy:

Players involved in the STEPS Elite Team Program are prohibited from playing for another privately run “travel” lacrosse club team.

Multi-sport policy:
The STEPS Elite Team Program is designed to foster the development of the dedicated lacrosse player. Our programs main function is that of a summer travel program. It is our belief that a well rounded athlete is a better lacrosse player. We offer fall and winter programs as an opportunity for players to develop their skills. In no way does this mean we encourage players to stop playing other sports. There is a common misconception that college coaches want to see players only involved in lacrosse. We encourage multi-sport athletes.

Uniform Policy:
All players are expected to wear the appropiate uniform at all practices and games.

All players are expected to attend all practices and tournaments.

Playing time:
All players will play in all games. However, we believe that it is better for the club to “play to win”. We do not guarantee equal playing time.